We bite off too much

Humans have always had a spark that other earth dwellers don’t.
Wanting more than you need.
Wanting to grow, expand, conquer and own.
Wanting to know, predict, kill and save.
Wanting to simplify, never succeeding.

We’ve always done this. Inherently part of our species
Constantly losing out of focus that thin line between ambition and greed.
Hunger and yearning.
Drive and desperation.
Longing and lifeless movement.

We build cars and planes that move too fast,
We cook substances that cripple and burn,
We distil liquids that drown us all,
We draw lines that scare the shit out of all things free,
We forge double edged swords that cut too deep.

Enough is enough
Enough is not filled
then spilled and lost
Enough is not hunted, killed and gathered for maybe tomorrow
and maybe better than yesterday

We’ve lost sight of our limits.
We don’t put the glass down when we’re quenched,
but when it’s empty.
And the next is waiting.
And necessary. And fatal.

We are merely starving kids.
Burger in hand.
Eating and not stopping.
Choking. Puking.
And being hungry all over again.

Wanting stillness,
never shutting up
Wanting to heal,
Wanting to sleep easy.
Waning in our efforts.


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