Are you picking wild flowers?


In your climb up the hill you will pass some wild flowers. They may all deserve your admiration and a moment of your time. They may all warrant a stop, a look or even a soft touch. Some are breathtakingly beautiful and so detailed in their composition that you simply feel compelled to kneel. To get closer and take it in. Sure, they’re beautiful and you’re allowed to be in awe.

But wild flowers are just that. Wild. If you pick a wild flower you change the very crux of its existence. You rob it of the property that makes it so unique. If you pick a wild flower you meddle in its natural state of being and you set a serious of biological processes in motion. You kick start the natural decay and death of this wonderful thing by acting in sheer, uncontrolled selfishness. The powerless flower will die, lose it’s appeal and be cast aside. No gains. No winners.

If next you see the fine coloured leaves encircling that small patch of pollen. Sitting unassumingly in the wind and weather. Meekly growing in between rough rocks and soothing streams.. ask yourself:
Are you able to appreciate without possessing?
Are you able to enjoy without claiming?
Are you able to take in without consuming?
Are you able to be a respectable spectator?

Carry this concept with you through other encounters. Encounters with many creatures just being what they innately are. Encounters with beings unabashedly showing all they have to show. Encounters with entities so vastly different they remain incomprehensible. Encounters with bodies that are vulnerable and easy to affect. Encounters with hearts meant to settle elsewhere. Encounters with souls that are not meant to heal you or even please you.

Are you able to consciously acknowledge and respect and then stop?


Pictures taken on 24 May 2017 at Mua Cave in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam


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